IAG has been collaborating with start-ups and entrepreneurs for over five years to help transform our business.  During this time we have developed partnerships in all major markets across continents with companies that are either helping us to connect with the digital start-up ecosystem or companies that face similar business challenges and are interested in collaborating on innovative solutions.

A few of our partners include; Rocketspace based in San Francisco, Sales Gate International in Israel and Hub:raum in Krakow;

hub:raum Krakow


hub:raum Krakow is the innovation hub for early-stage start-ups created by Deutsche Telekom Group in April 2013. It focuses on supporting innovative businesses from Central and Eastern Europe by connecting team, vision, and expertise with the corporate power of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. It is achieved by offering the smart money (commercialisation and go-to-market through an access to over 150M Deutsche Telekom customers), comprehensive package of seed-funding (up to 300.000€ for 10-20% of equity), co-working space, mentoring and Deutsche Telekom assets.

hub:raum organises many programmes to support European star-tups including WARP Sprints ( and Challenge Up! (IoT Accelerator with Cisco and Intel,


RocketSpace is based in San Francisco and it’s mission is to bridge the innovation gap for corporates and start-ups by creating an ecosystem where they can work together to bring successful new innovations to market.

Since launching in 2011, RocketSpace members have included more than 750 tech start-ups and 16 unicorns including Uber, Blippar, SuperCell and Spotify.  IAG was RocketSpace’s first client when it was a  start-up.

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